Internal Error when you use Find/Change in FramerMaker 7.x

Internal Error when you use Find/Change in FramerMaker 7.x


When you use the Find/Change feature in Adobe FrameMaker 7.x, the application returns an Internal Error message and closes.


You are using Find/Change to search for or replace text across several documents in a book.

This error message may appear erratically.


Do one or more of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Upgrade to FrameMaker 7.2.

FrameMaker 7.2 provides a fix for this issue.

– To purchase an upgrade from Adobe, visit the Adobe Store at , choose Print Publishing under Find products by department, and then choose Adobe FrameMaker.

– To locate an authorized reseller, visit the Adobe website at .

Solution 2: Install update b144. (Existing FrameMaker 7.2 users)

To download the FrameMaker 7.2 b144 update, visit the Adobe website at and chose FrameMaker Windows or Unix.

Background information

FrameMaker creates index pointers for book files in physical memory. In versions of FrameMaker earlier than 7.2, these pointers become stale when you search across multiple documents in a book. When one document closes in a search window, FrameMaker attempts to set up a new pointer in the physical memory without clearing out previous pointers. This situation causes an internal error and possibly a system error.

FrameMaker 7.2 detects stale pointers in memory and cleans them up before creating new pointers, so this issue does not occur in FrameMaker 7.2.