Butterfly Wallpaper Design

April 7th, 2007 by ART-D Posted in Adobe Photoshop, Designing


A pretty popular thing this effect is. Requires knowledge of basic photoshop.

Create a new layer having 1024×768 px and 72 dpi. Select now the Rectangle Tool (U) to represent the background for the picture to be next.

Create Butterfly Wallpaper Design in Photoshop CS

Blending Options-Gradient Overlay

Create Butterfly Wallpaper Design in Photoshop CS

Gradient’s parameters:

Create Butterfly Wallpaper Design in Photoshop CS

The new layer must be painted in white color by using the Paint Bucket Tool (G). Click after that on the next option on this layer:

Create Butterfly Wallpaper Design in Photoshop CS

Press three times on Ctrl+F. Press on the Add a Mask on the layers, Fill 50%, Blending ModeSoft Light. The Gradient Tool will be helpful to dark out the lowest part of the picture.

Create Butterfly Wallpaper Design in Photoshop CS

Choose the Brush Tool (B) and represent the grass on a new layer (press the right button on the picture and selectCreate Butterfly Wallpaper Design in Photoshop CS)

Select two colors for the brush: CCDC4A and 7FB51B from the left panel, the way it is demonstrated in the next picture. Applying smooth motions, we have to represent the hills covered with the grass.

Create Butterfly Wallpaper Design in Photoshop CS




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  • iTropics


    Nice post…Thanks for that…

  • Sascha


    Very nice ! Thank you for the Tut ! :-)

  • stupidtutorial


    your tutorial wasnt very detailed.. u didnt mention where u get the brush and didnt explain very well.. i dont even understand half of it.. stupid tutorial i reckon

  • Nell


    This is a great example of a bad tutorial. I followed exactly as it says and right from the outset my clouds looked nothing like the picture. I then added the grass which also looks different. The grass pictured looks much brighter and also looks like it has a gradient overlay of some sort not mentioned.
    When I got to the step that says ‘Applying the previous instrument (the brush ) represent now the train made of butterflies.’ I gave up. This is not even correct english. If you are going to teach people learn english first.

  • karla


    it didnt work for me :(

  • Thomas


    The two colours for the yellow/green are not the same in CS5, I found that #cce15e and #8abc39 work perfectly :)!

    Awesome tut, maybe things could be a little clearer sometimes, but otherwise thanks!

  • davulcu


    Really a bad tutorial. You do not mention about details

  • cat


    I actually don’t think the tutorial isn’t so bad. I just had to play with the colors. She did say we needed some basic photoshop knowledge. I loved it because it taught me some creative ways to use tools that I hadn’t thought about before. Thanks!

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