Making your own portfolio web page

April 23rd, 2008 by ART-D Posted in Adobe Photoshop, Web Layout


Need personal web page? In this tutorial we will learn to create nice personal portfolio web page.

One of the benefits of this kind of marketing and web design is that it does not feel as if you are trying to make a sale. It feels as if you are establishing a relationship with your viewers, and as if you care about them as individuals. This sort of connection makes it much easier for them to accept your later sales pitches, whether you’re selling sweaters or computer website templates.

Start working by creating a new file (File>New), having 770×750 px and 72 dpi. We shall use on this new made file the Rectangle Tool (U) to represent the background of the site’s page to be.

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

Set the next parameters for this layer by making a mouse click on the layer we work with on the layers’ panel: Blending Options>Gradient Overlay

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

Gradient’s parameters:

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

Choose again the Rectangle Tool (U) to represent that place reserved for the author’s portrait and the lateral menu. Firstly we have to represent the common primary layer and then press Alt button to divide the zones, applying the same tool, used before.

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

The layer’s parameters: Blending Options>Inner Glow

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

Take now the site’s author’s photo and insert it on the picture. Don’t forget to apply Free Transform option to place the photo the same way indicated next image:

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

Press Alt button and make a mouse click between the photo’s layers and the prepared zone (on the layers’ panel) for the photo to get in the frame’s limits. Create also the lateral menu.

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3

Next make a click on the bottom part of the layers’ panel on Create new fill or adjustment layer> Photo Filter

Making your own portfolio web page in Photoshop CS3




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    About people asking how to convert the design into a web page and it’s just simple html/css coding really. Just save all the images you need to use (background, menu buttons, the headlines and the scroll bar, if you want to use it. I would recomend using the “opacity” property in css or save just 1px of the content background as an half transparent image (.png) and use that as background. You don’t want to save the entire content background as an image because then you have alot of work to do if yoy want to extend your page with more content.
    There are a lot of css-tutorials out there and it’s mostly just divs with the properties padding, background, float, width and height you need.
    Good luck to you!

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    After that, the sky is the limit!

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