An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork

August 3rd, 2008 by ART-D Posted in Adobe Photoshop, Designing


While grunge has its origins in the 90′s, recently the style has been gaining in popularity once more. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a dirty, urban style image using both well known techniques as well as a few new ones.

Create a new file (File>New), having 1280×1024 px and 72 dpi

Select then the Rectangle Tool (U) to represent the background of the picture we want to have.

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3

Set the next parameters on the made layer by making a click on this layer on the layers’ palette.
Blending Options>Gradient Overlay

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3

Gradient’s parameters:

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3 

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3

We have to find in Internet a photo of a DJ.

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3

Cut out his figure and put him on the main picture, applying for the DJ’s layer the next solution:
Filter>Filter gallery>Cutout

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3 

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3

Make a copy of the DJ layer, situating the copy lower than the first layer (on the layers’ palette). We should set for this new layer – copy the next shown parameters: Blending Options>Color Overlay

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3

Hide for a while the first layer belonging to the DJ.

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3

Next we should make visible the first layer of the DJ, applying for it the next indicated parameters:
Blending mode-Overlay
Blending Options>Outer Glow

Create An Urban-Style Piece of Artwork in Photoshop CS3




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  • hiba


    thx alott, i did ur style and it was really gooood not perfict like urs but reallly nice.

    so thx alot and please keep it up ^^,

  • kevin


    hey that blend mode with the color overlay and the dj (overlay) does not work…..???

  • Z


    freaking amazing tutorial! I really found this very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to make it!

  • RoughDraft76


    One of the most useful and awesome tutorials EVER!

  • Nick


    Kevin I had the same problem but i changed all 3 layers to overlay and it worked.
    Awesome effect man X

  • Harold


    I am not quite sure what I just did but, you have to play with the selection/ image and inverse in the color range adjustment step. It turned up as a black burst, then when the color grad is applied it turns out. It was the only way I could get the free transform to act properly. Ill report back after I practice this step again. Thanks of rthe lesson I had been looking for this very technique.

  • Rubix


    Great tutorial!

    My ilustration:


  • Joe J


    Brilliant thanks here is my attempt with a pic of my friend djing and I have 7.0 so couldnt use those lovely flower and swirls and had to impro I also tried one changing the color tones to blue and purple looked preatty neato aswell!

  • James


    please dont ever make a tutorial again, worst tutorial ever, you dont explain anything, and just expect us to find all the tools and stuff, please quit

  • Ben


    Dude. Amazing tutorial. I’m glad you’ve made the amazing seem so simple.

  • Ali


    Thanks for this lovely post….
    Simple and beautiful ….

  • Weston


    Worst tutiroal EVER! I dont know where anything is. I need help.

  • ajkfd


    i don’t have any of the shapes you do

  • lorenz


    nc tut. i’ve learned something new. ty

  • car


    Great tutorial. Used the technique for a poster. Thanks.

  • bob marley


    realy coollllll, man!!!!
    thx for free tut.

  • dunia4you



  • vainatey


    very nic tut, i like it

  • soris



  • Pavel


    Thank you very much! Love this, and learned something new.

    p.s. to all those who comment this tutorial is crap go get a life and get off photoshop this is one of the easiest tutorials to follow i’ve seen in a while.

  • Rehman Textile


    woooow… great piece of work! v.use ful info

  • Jimmy


    This is really nice and looks awesome :D
    the instructions werent as detailed as i hoped BUT it actually made me get to know photoshop better cos i had to search around to fins some of the stuff

  • Ryean


    okies… i know i’ma probably get fussed at about this question… but where is blending options? i have cs5 and i see nothing like that >.<

  • Ryean


    NEVER MIND! lol

  • white


    good effect

  • priyanka


    Nice tute.. Very creative..

  • Vocal


    Aghh. I don’t have those shapes. I suppose I could just do a gradient and distort it to get the same effect, though.

  • Pradyumn


    nice tutorial loved it

  • Devante


    this is a beautiful peice of work. im so happy i saw this. i dont know how to thank for this. im telling all my friends. and we are going to all do it together :’)

  • ye22512345


    Aghh I don`t have those shapes.I suppose I could just do a gradient and distort it to get the same effect though.
    But it`s relly good at my tut job. Thanks a lot.:)

  • Ryan Jijon M


    Best Regards I have a problem is this: in my photoshop filter I have not cut where I can find?

    I can you please help?


  • jake


    u r hot

  • Anon


    Anyone having trouble with the flower and swirls brushes here is another link I found!
    The link on this tutorial has a .rar file download that won’t upload for me in CS5. The link I provided downloads as a .zip. You then double click on it and it creates a .abr file which I then can open through photoshop.

  • heshomoney


    Great Tutorialit’s awesome and the making of the Speaker is the major work in this tutorial…Thumps Up
    It really helped me

  • moy


    can’t see the first image…

  • xXxCo0ki3xXx


    I’m new with Photoshop and I’m having trouble with the “Color Range” step where you have to click “Free Transform”. I do that, but it won’t let me move the black burst. Can someone please precisely explain to me how to do this?

  • will


    Birlliant tutorial, Easy to follow and end product looks great, wish all tutorials were this easy to follow :) Keep it up

  • Rene


    Grear Tut Man i Loved it!

  • NorwegianGuy


    I can’t find the stars you are using in the end! Everything went perfect until I found out that I just couldn’t find them… Great tutorial by the way :D

  • Visitor


    I think this tutorial would be A LOT more helpful if you included screenshots of your layers panel. That way we can follow your steps better when we’re confused.

    Great job, and thanks!

  • burrrrdd


    Armin van Burren. :D

  • zx1997


    good choice of dj

  • Ash


    Amazing tutorial! and very easy to follow. Thanks!

  • MrBenabedis


    Thank you for the tutorial!!!! It helped me make a design for the school!

    Here’s my link to my creation of your amazing tutorial! THANKS A LOT! :D

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