Christmas ornaments lights balls

November 6th, 2008 by ART-D Posted in Adobe Photoshop, Designing


In today’s quick tip tutorial, I will show you how to create a nice christmas card with ornamented New Year’s toys using Adobe Photoshop CS4 techniques. Let’s get started.

Final Image Preview

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

Start working by creating a new document (Ctrl+N) in Adobe Photoshop with the size 1280px by 1024px (RGB color mode) at a resolution of 72 pixels/inch. Use the Paint Bucket Tool (G) to fill with #320000 color the new background layer.

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4
Choose the Pen Tool (P), set the drawing mode on Shape Layers in Options bar and draw the next wavy shape as shown.

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

Click on Add a layer style icon from bottom part of the Layers panel and select Drop Shadow.

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

Add Outer Glow:

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

Also apply Gradient Overlay:

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4
Click in the color bar to open the Gradient Editor and set the color stops as shown. Click OK to close the Gradient Editor dialog box.
Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

You’ll get the next result:

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

On the next step we’ll create another wavy shape using Pen Tool (P), like it is demonstrated below. Place this layer under the first one in Layers panel. Apply the same Layer Styles for this layer as we did with the first shape. You can make a right-click on the first shape’s layer in Layers panel and select Copy Layer Style, then right-click on the last created layer and select Paste Layer Style.

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

… draw another shape using Pen Tool (P) and apple the same Layer Styles.

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

Select now a Soft Round brush from Brush Tool (B):

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

… and represent several dots of different sizes as shown:

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

Set the Blending mode for this layer to Overlay.

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

Represent another wavy shape using Pen Tool (P), like the next picture shows it:

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4

Set Fill to 0% for this layer and click on Add a layer style icon from bottom part of the Layers panel and select Outer Glow.

Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4
Add Inner Glow:
Create Christmas ornaments lights balls in Photoshop CS4




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  • Stephanie


    This was very nicely done. I am very happy with my result. The lines were a bit tricky to make, but the pen tool can be such a pain in the butt sometimes. Thanks for the tutorial

  • lo


    Nice. I Love it! Many thanks

  • Jessie


    I used the pen tool and drew the box and the line squigly line.I have tried everything from the background color being a seprate layer from the back (that just makes everything the gradient, even with the pen tool), making the pen have its own layer (does nothing). What am I doing wrong

  • Gaka


    To make those wonderful little patterns with the pen tool – Select the background layer (Your dark red) and use the pen tool to create a design. Be sure to close it. right click the line this makes and “Make selection.” Proceed to Ctrl + C (Command + C for mac users) and immediately Ctrl + V (Command + V.) This will create a new Layer with a red design that is the inside of your selection with the pen tool.

    Add the blends to this layer, then copy the layer styles.

    You can now redo this continually, remember to paste the layer styles to the new layers, and remember to select from the background (unless you merge layers, you just need a solid selection.)

    Enjoy – Gaka

  • E-maniacs


    Amazing work.

    The tutorial is an awesome one.

    Good work

  • Patrik


    Jessie: The creator made a bad tutorial. no doubt.

    What he did not mention was.

    Duplicate the background layer, apply the blending options and delete the parts you dont want.

    if you want to add more areas with the same glow as the one with the blending options just copy paste a part of the background and paste your blending options on to it.

  • arkangel75ar


    Hi, im interested in a brush stars_and_blinks but this link is broken, can you share this again? thxs

  • admin



    link was updated

  • Cherlique


    Dude! this is a nice tutorial but whats up with these indistinkt tutorials. like how do i draw the wavie lines? as paths? should i stroke it? and such. tutorials are ment for people to learn not to know so i dont want to sound ungreatful but trie to teach us like u would stundents thanks.

  • tadees


    This tutorial is horrible. There seems to be several key steps omitted… kinda defeats the purpose of a “tutorial”. But the finished product looks nice enough.

  • Cherlique


    did anybody get the same result as in the tutorial? i cant seem to get the same color of the smoke like lines mine just stay red after i apply the motion blur

  • gumby


    There it too much missing. I am quite comfortable with photoshop though I couldn’t figure out how to even get the first few steps done as you missed several key intermediate steps. Please fix this.

  • Greeting cards Backgrounds


    Nice collection of tutorial…very nice to make backgrounds..

  • Elaine


    I wish I had read everyone’s comments before I struggled for two hours trying to work through the first 3 or 4 steps.

  • Kathy


    Yes there were a few steps that were omitted or unclear – but I learned a whole lot working through this – mine is not exactly like the original – and part of it is because of choices I made and part of it is because I am not proficient with the pen.

    For those complaining – publish your tutorial for this. Oh – don’t know how to do it. Hmmmm

  • Magnus Hansen


    Thanks for this great turtorial. I Had to figure out quite a lot myself, but that just pushed my knowledge of photoshop more which is GREAT! THANKS!!!

  • senthil


    Great tutorial, and nice creativity ,thanks a lot for the tutorial

  • Carrie


    Hi I wanted to say I am not a beginner or an expert with photoshop but I learn. Not sure how or why anyone could say this tutorial is not complete. If you want to learn to use the pen tool try the help button the lines are illustrated quite well. This is one of the best most complete tutorials I have done and I have done a lot. Many thanks to the creator I would like more of your tuts if you have any.

  • Gemma


    well this is awful i had to blag the first steps just to get the shape cut outs

    as for those 3 lines that glow that step is so unclear its untrue
    im actually very good with photoshop but this was the absolute worse tutorial i have ever had to use!

    fix it!

  • stephone


    Tuto nul du début à la fin Oups!! il est pas fini…

  • leo


    the stars and blinks link is broken. Wasn’t able to download it. Is it possible to update the link?

  • admin



    link working fine

  • RuthArt


    lol, I don’t even use Photoshop and I was able to get a good representation of the finished item using Paint Shop Pro. I had to do a lot of my own ‘thinking’ as to how to get a certain effect, but it was a great time. Thanks

  • ziddi


    my email and i say some deeply heart i like and first love jessi plz plz i m wi8ing you

  • Abraham


    Thanks for yout time to do this tutorial. Nice result , but very difficult to understand and follow the tutorial. I wonder if you have this on video?

  • pham trinh


    when I Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and click between ellipse’s layer and brushe’s layer in the Layers panel, I haven’t got the result. The ball didn’t display brushes. What did I wrong?

  • byambaa


    u r so awesome ilke ur tutorials keep going!

  • Medyo


    awesome, just what I am looking for. I will different variants of this for my personal greet to friends. Cheers and my thanks.

  • medyo bastos


    I don’t know about the others, – easily labeling this as bad tutorials just because some parts were ‘missing’. No, there were no parts missing, and yes I was able to follow the steps, and even add some experiments (removing the drop shadows and instead creating glows using overlays).

    This is great piece, and it allows great room for improvement, according to one’s subjective taste.

    because u can’t catch up doesn’t mean it’s too complicated. Maybe you’re just too slow.

  • medyo bastos


    BTW, to make the ‘draw wavie lines with pen tools’ easy, just duplicate the first drawing, then using pen tool options, adjust the duplicated line to make it different from the first. That way, you don’t have to draw over and over again, and repro by just by editing the clones.

  • Ravi


    very nice use for me good

  • Pj


    Great work!!
    Especially, the pen tool one!! :)

  • Velvet


    This is one of the best tutorials, I’ve ever completed. I’m still rather a beginner in photoshop and had to search for some options quite a while. but I’ve learned so much and the result is so great! Thanks!

  • Charm

    20/01/2011’s very beautiful…this is very useful..for i am starting to learn and have fun with photoshop…thanks… I am so excited to try this one….thank you very much

  • Marco Betti


    Thank you very much for you explanation and the brushes
    Very Success for you
    Marco from Brasil

  • spark



    Love the tutorial. I don’t know how to open the brushes. I downloaded winzip to unzip it, but still no result. Need some help with this.

    Are these brushes also compatible with ps 7?

    Looking forward to more tutorials.

  • mellow


    Thank you so much! I loved it!

  • Mireille D


    Thank you very much, it’s beautiful!

  • Dustin


    Thank you! Very beautiful indeed!

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